Supports Trail Brothers

The idea of ​​this project was born about 5 years ago by a group of friends from different sectors of the MTB world. The common desire was to be able to create and grow the area and the paths of Massa Marittima, an area already renowned in the world for its stunning natural beauty, wonderful springs and so much more.
We started immediately by designing and building trails, initially trying to connect or extend existing ones, and then moving on to make new ones. Our greatest passion is trail building, we spend many days a year building new trails, and improving or maintaining existing ones.
Our region is ideally suited for mountain bike events: over the years we have organized competitions and presentations of world-class products (SRAM has presented here both the group XX1 Eagle, for example).In 2016 we organized our first event, born from the collaboration with the Bike Hotel Massa Vecchia and the Municipality of Massa Marittima.
The first stage of the Superenduro championship, restarted after the end of the 2015 season. The race was described as one of the most beautiful ever with riders from an incredible 12 different countries represented! It was a beautiful “injection” of motivation to push us to do our best.
In 2017 we organized the second stage of the E-enduro, an Italian championship (the first in the world) solely for e-bikes. For the occasion we created some uphill paths designed specifically for e-bikes, which excel at climbing and acceleration.We have a lot of projects in the pipeline and we want to continue to grow more and more by building new paths and make them famous, make them safe and attractive for riders of all ages and talent levels, from beginner to expert, who can freely access the trail network and take a ride with their bikes.
All this will require a large investment, both in terms of time and money. We can not manage all of this alone: we are looking for sponsors but also welcome all the help from enthusiasts we can get. If you like what we do and how we do it, you can contribute with a donation and / or buying an annual card to our sports association. Other ways to help include helping during our events, promoting the trail network, and especially the construction and maintenance of trails. We would like to thank each and every one of you that enables us to pursue our passion and see you on the trails!!
There is a seasonal ticket for ride all the trails of the Monte Arsenti Trail Park. It costs € 20 a year and is validated by a sticker, which have to be stick on you bike. The purchase of it is totally volunteer but we are sure you will understand the motivations which led us to this:
– we are no longer able to support the costs related to the activity of trailbuilding (petrol, tools, spare parts and maintenance for chainsaws, etc.)
-the time we are dedicating to the trail area as volunteer is not longer sufficient to keep the paths safe and in good condition, we must rely on external persons which obviously are having a cost.
We know that’s a small revolution but it is necessary and everyone will surely appreciate its benefits.
Contact us for buy one of it, or come visit at the Bike Hotel Massa Vecchia!